Facility Rental

The Zoo is a “natural” place to hold an event for private parties, company picnics, family reunions, and even birthday parties. At Potawatomi Zoo, we have the Corporate Picnic area that will accommodate large parties up to 300 people and is available to rent during and after hours.

During the time that you are here enjoying your event, you will also be able to visit the rest of the Zoo during the regular Zoo hours. Also available during the summer months are train rides as well as pony rides for the children.

Zoo hours are 10:00 to 5:00 everyday. If you plan on extending your stay in the Corporate Picnic Area, or having an evening event, everyone should be out of the Zoo no later than 9:00. Any event that goes past 5:00 has to have security which we provide at $40.00 an hour. After 5:00, everyone must stay in the picnic area, since the Zoo is closed. No one is allowed in the Zoo exhibit areas.

The rental fee is $175.00 for the day. We do ask for a deposit of $25.00, which is non-refundable (which is part of the $175) to hold the particular day that you want. You are more than welcome to pay the whole amount if you want. We charge a discounted rate for admissions into the Zoo which is $6.50 for adults and $5.50 for children three to fourteen, and senior citizens sixty-two and older. Admission passes designed by your company or family and checked by the Zoo Office Manager at least one week before the event will allow members of your party unlimited access to the zoo during the event. Admission passes are to be handed in at the admission’s window on the day of the picnic where they will be counted. We do need a ticket for each person attending for a true count for both our records and yours. We do ask for a contact person as well as a phone number and address. We will send out an invoice after the picnic so that you will only get charged for the amount of people who attend.

Train Ride or Butterfly Exhibit: Take a ride on the Potawatomi Zoo Train or visit the Butterfly Exhibit as part of your picnic. Cost is $2.00 per person (children 2 & under free). Payment for this option is made separately and is payable to the Potawatomi Zoological Society. Contact 574-288-4639 to purchase train or butterfly tickets for your party.

Potawatomi Zoo does not allow alcohol to be brought in or consumed during corporate picnic rental events. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Any special deliveries or special arrivals can be made directly to your picnic site through the Zoo service gate on Greenlawn Avenue. You will need to go the Zoo office first to announce your arrival. This gate will only be used for large deliveries that cannot be carried. Everyone attending the event must go through the main entrance gate. There is no parking allowed on the Zoo grounds. This is strictly enforced. Vehicles can be parked at the front of the Zoo in the parking area or on Greenlawn, right outside the back gate.

Included with your admission charge and rental, the zoo will provide and set up picnic tables and have ample trash containers. There are plenty of 110 outlets and fresh hot and cold water available. A Zoo employee will monitor the trash containers and be available to direct any questions or concerns.

Athletic events such as volleyball can be performed on the Zoo site with equipment provided by you. Sorry, but we do not allow horseshoes or dunk tanks in this area. For the safety of the animals, we also do not allow balloons or loud music on Zoo grounds.


  1. Upon arrival, please check in at the front office before proceeding to Corporate Picnic Area
  2. Feel free to unload any food, equipment, etc. at gate 1, off of Greenlawn (turn right out of the Zoo exit).
  3. Gate 1 can be opened manually. Please close the gate behind you to keep the grounds secure.
  4. After unloading, please close the gates to the Corporate Picnic Area and return your vehicle to the main parking lot, closing the outside gate behind you. There is no parking at the picnic area or on Zoo grounds.
  5. All guests attending the picnic need to enter through the front gate.
  6. Bathrooms for ALL visitors are located by the entrance (in the Learning Center Building), on the outside of the Red Barn Gift Shop or  adjacent to the ramp that follows around the front of the Alligator exhibit across from the corporate picnic area. Follow the ramp around and down into the restrooms (used to be old bison exhibit. There are no public restrooms in the Vet Hospital. Please do not enter the hospital!
  7. Please leave the Corporate Picnic Area the way you found it.
  8. If you have any problems or questions, please report them to the front office.
  9. Enjoy your picnic and your time at the Zoo!

Thank you for considering the Potawatomi Zoo for the possible location of your company or family picnic. Any further information that you will need as well as availability of dates, call Pat Fenters, Zoo Office Manager at 574-235-7620.

For details, pricing information, and availability, please call Pat Fenters, Zoo Office Manager at 235-7620.

Meeting Room Rentals



Potawatomi Zoo has a meeting room located inside the Learning Center available to reserve for business meetings.  A projector and screen can be set up for presentations, and 6 six foot tables can be arranged to your specifications.

This space is available Monday through Friday from 8:00AM-5:00PM (April-November) or 8:00AM-4:30PM (December-March) at $36 per hour.  The meeting room holds a maximum of 40 people.

Contact the Potawatomi Zoo Education Department at 574-235-7621 for more information.