Potawatomi Zoo Volunteer Programs

Potawatomi Zoo offers volunteer options in the Education Department, so you can select the program that best suits your interests and intended time commitment.

Anyone interested in volunteering at Potawatomi Zoo should submit an application form; please note the submission deadlines for each volunteer division.  Any applications received after the submission deadline will be held and considered for the next training cycle.

Every application is reviewed and applicants passing the review will be invited to a Volunteer Open House.  The Open House allows each applicant to learn more about Potawatomi Zoo and our Volunteer Programs.  Applicants will tour the zoo, meet and talk with Potawatomi Zoo Volunteers, and be interviewed.

Background checks will also be conducted (minors and a parent/guardian will sign a certificate of trust in lieu of a background check), and accepted applicants will be invited to the Volunteer Training Course.

Applicants invited to attend the Volunteer Training Course will have to pay a nominal fee that helps offset the cost of training materials and uniforms.  

Completed applications can be returned electronically via e-mail to kulrich@potawatomizoo.org


Potawatomi Zoo welcomes the support of companies and organizations and tries to coordinate volunteer days with interested groups whenever possible.  We will select the specific job based on your group (e.g. number of individuals, age of participants), but selected tasks are generally aimed at beautifying the zoo and may include weeding gardens or raking leaves. 

Submit a Company/Organization Volunteer Application to the Zoom and a Zoo Representative will contact you with more information including available dates and time for setting up a volunteer day and the job(s) to be performed. 

Organizations, groups, and companies are responsible for the background checks and behavior of their participating members.

Organizations, groups and companies are welcome to download the Company/Organization Volunteer Application; complete and return via e-mail to danielle@potawatomizoo.org.