Enrichment Wish List

By giving an in-kind gift to Potawatomi Zoo through the Potawatomi Zoological Society you can be recognized as a Zoo donor, qualify for a charitable deduction, and provide needed supplies and materials to the Zoo's many programs. Your assistance will contribute to the Zoo's mission while providing significant budget relief. Items should be new or in good condition. 

We maintain a Zoo Wish List, which is also published in our newsletter, to let the community know some hard-to-find (or hard to purchase!) items that we need. If you are interested in contributing items that are on our wish list or would like to know if we need an item that you have (even if it's not on the Wish List), please contact us.  And remember - gifts of goods are tax-deductible also!

A note from our Enrichment Committee: Don’t you enjoy watching your children play with a new toy?  Isn’t it satisfying to see them learn, exercise and find new uses for that toy? The keepers here at Potawatomi Zoo feel the same way when we introduce a new toy or enrichment item to our animals. Enrichment is very important in zoos because it is items given to the animals that encourage natural behaviors, ward off boredom and allows them to just have fun. The keepers try to find new uses for children and pet toys, different foods and scents. We are asking for donations to the Potawatomi Zoo enrichment fund to help us help our animals lead long, healthy and fulfilling lives here at the zoo. 

If you would like to help, you can do so by two ways:

  1. Donate money to our ENRICHMENT FUND that will be exclusively used on shopping trips to buy toys or food items for the animals
  2. Donate enrichment items from our approved list. 

The staff, as well as the animals, thank you for your generosity!

View our Amazon Wish List  Support the Potawatomi Zoo by shopping at AmazonSmile! AmazonSmile Foundation 

Enrichment Wish List (updated July 2016) 

  • Grocery store or Pet store Gift Cards
  • Sprinklers
  • Paper Birthday Supplies (banners, streamers, lanterns)
  • Shredded paper (no staples please)
  • Sugar free drink mixes
  • Wood Wool
  • Paper lawn bags
  • Rubbermaid trash cans
  • Gently used childrens' toys
  • Wooden baby blocks
  • Small chew toys
  • Plastic baby links
  • Window Paint
  • Grapevine wreaths
  • Large bird toys
  • Non-toxic tempera paint
  • Canvas boards (8"x10", 11"x16")
  • Nature sounds CDs
  • Radios/CD players (can be gently used)
  • Strands of lights (working)
  • Horse toys
  • Pillows (new)
  • Burlap sacks
  • Powdered laundry detergent (to clean blankets, towels, and sheets)
  • Sugar free and/or low sodium snack foods
  • Construction paper
  • Tupperware containers
  • Paper cups and plates
  • Spices and extracts
  • Low/no sugar cereals
  • Evaporated milk
  • Low/no sugar jams and jellies
  • Peanut butter
  • Canned fish with no sauce (please no tuna)
  • Canned fruit with no/low sugar
  • Canned veggies with no/low salt
  • Sand pales/buckets
  • Cooking spices
  • House plants (including but not limited to hibiscus, cactus, philodendrons, mosses, aquatic plants, ficus, dracaena, zeezee plants, ferns, croton)

Veterinary Wishlist

  • Pediatric ventilator
  • Cordless veterinary hair clippers
  • Medical gurney

Enrichment donations can be made at the Members' or Admission Gates located in front of the Zoo.  For larger doantions please call 574-235-9800 to set up a drop-off time.

When items are donated to the Potawatomi Zoo it is understood by both parties that no further claims will be made regarding the item(s) by the donor.  It is further understood that the item(s) may be disposed of in any way that may be necessary in the best interests of the Zoo.