Custom Animal Paintings

Have you ever wanted an animal art masterpiece that you could call your own - now is your chance!  Several of our animal species have taken up painting as one of their favorite enrichment activities.  You can commission your own custom painting in up to 3 colors of your choice by the animal you choose!

Sizes available:  

8"x10" ($50)   11"x14" ($60)   14"x18" ($90)   16"x20" ($100)

Artists to choose from:  

Ring-tailed Lemur, Cotton-top Tamarin, Red Panda, Chicken, Short-tailed Opossum, Cockroaches, River Otter, Flamingo, Warthog, Peccary, Coscoroba Swan, Anteater, Chimpanzee, Bobcat, Reeve's Muntjac, Southern Ground Hornbill

Available colors:

Red, Yellow, Green, Metallic Gold, Magenta, Blue, Pink, Metallic Silver, Black, Turquoise, Orange, Violet, Brown, White

Contact Lindsey Peak for more information - 574-235-7651 or