Custom Animal Paintings

Have you ever wanted an animal art masterpiece that you could call your own - now is your chance!  Several of our animal species have taken up painting as one of their favorite enrichment activities.  You can commission your own custom painting in up to 3 colors of your choice by the animal you choose!

Sizes available:  

8"x10" ($50)   11"x14" ($60)   14"x18" ($90)   16"x20" ($100)

Artists to choose from:  

Ring-tailed Lemur, Cotton-top Tamarin, Red Panda*, Chicken, Short-tailed Opossum, Cockroaches, River Otter, Flamingo, Warthog, Peccary, Coscoroba Swan, Anteater, Chimpanzee, Reeve's Muntjac, Southern Ground Hornbill

*Due to the time of year, Red Pandas may not be available for painting. Please select an additional artist whom you would like to paint. Contact the Zoological Society office for additional questions (574) 288-4639 

Available colors:

Red, Yellow, Green, Metallic Gold, Magenta, Blue, Pink, Metallic Silver, Black, Turquoise, Orange, Violet, Brown, White

Contact the Zoological Society for more information (574) 388-4639.