Custom Animal Paintings

If you have ever wanted an animal art masterpiece that you could call your own - now is your chance!  Several of our animal species have taken up painting as one of their favorite enrichment activities.  You can commission your own custom painting in up to 3 colors of your choice by the animal you choose*!

Sizes available:  

8"x10" ($50)   11"x14" ($60)   14"x18" ($90)   16"x20" ($100)

Artists to choose from:  

We have many talented artists residing here at Potawatomi Zoo!  Please contact 574-288-4639 for more information on which of our creative artiste would be available for custom work.  

*Selection of artist and available colors may vary.  Contact the Zoological Society office for additional questions and information about our Custom Animal Art Program at 574-288-4639