Commemorative Bricks

Mark your territory in Potawatomi Zoo’s butterfly exhibit. Commemorative bricks are on sale now!

This is your chance to be a part of history and to help as we transform the Potawatomi Zoo into a first-class attraction. Our butterfly garden, which is home to hundreds of colorful butterflies from around the world is an incredible experience for visitors. This unique interactive immersion experience provides our guests a chance to get “up close and personal” with these beautiful and fragile creatures. It also provides a peaceful oasis where guests can stop and relax, sit on a bench, and just savor this unique experience.

You can be a part of the excitement by purchasing a commemorative brick along the walkway that leads visitors through the lush garden filled with butterflies. These bricks are a great way to recognize children, grandchildren, marriages, and other special events, or a lasting memorial to a loved one. They're also unique gifts, and perfect for any occasion. Like the pathway that leads you to the Potawatomi Zoo train station, these bricks will be part of the park for generations to come. Quantities are limited, so order yours today!

With each $100 contribution, your name or the name of a special friend, family member, or beloved pet, will be engraved on a 4” x 8” brick. A 4” x 8” brick will accommodate a maximum of 20 characters per line and up to three lines of text.

Those who wish to make a more significant contribution to the Zoo may contribute and purchase a $250 brick. For this generous donation an 8” x 8” brick will be engraved with your inscription and prominently displayed. An 8” x 8” brick will accommodate a maximum of 20 characters per line and up to six lines of text.

Your brick donation is tax-deductible. Brick inscriptions are subject to approval by Potawatomi Zoo. 

To reserve your brick(s), call the Potawatomi Zoological Society at 574-288-4639 or fill out the order form on reverse side and fax it to us at 574-289-3776. If the brick is a gift or is in honor/memory of someone special a gift card will be sent.

The butterfly garden not only provides our guests with an wonderful tropical experience, but more importantly, supports butterfly farmers in Costa Rica and other countries where families and villages who live in the rainforest now are actively working to preserve the habitat for the butterflies that provide their income. Many have changed from the typical slash and burn agriculture practices to maintaining habitat for generations to come. By saving the butterfly habitat, they are preserving critical habitat for all animals of the rainforest. Many farmers express their true gratitude to zoos for providing them a better way of life allowing them enough income to allow their children higher education and a very promising future that would have never been possible on their previous occupations.