Zoo To You

Let Potawatomi Zoo bring some of the zoo to you with a Zoo-to-You Outreach Program! The Potawatomi Zoo’s Zoomobile can travel to your location with Edzoocators and animals for a fun and educational experience.

Edzoocational Outreach Programs for Schools

  • Preschool Zoo-to-You Outreach Programs: Introduce your preschoolers to the world of animals with a 30-minute Zoo-to-You Outreach Program. Your students will meet 3 animals and learn about where they live, what they eat, and why they look like they do. Cost: 0-20 miles = $70; 21-40 miles = $90; 41-60 miles = $130; Additional programs = $30 each
  • School Zoo-to-You Outreach Programs: Primary & Secondary teachers compliment your lessons with a Zoo-to-You Outreach Programs. During these 45-minute presentations, your students will meet 4 animals and learn how they are adapted for survival. Cost: 0-20 miles = $80; 21-40 miles = $100; 41-60 miles = $140; Additional programs = $40 each
  • Career Talks: The Potawatomi Zoo Education Department will offer one free career talk to high schools in St. Joseph County Indiana per school year. A Zoo Educator will come and speak about career opportunities in zoos and the training required for these professions. The Educator will also bring along one of the animals s/he works with at Potawatomi Zoo

Wild Animal Outreach Programs for Organizations

Your organization can bring the zoo to you with a 45-minute Zoo-to-You Outreach Program including 4 different animals.

  • Cost: 0-20 miles = $115; 21-40 miles = $140; 41-60 miles = $180; Additional programs = $70 each
  • Non-Profit Organizations: Non-profit organizations interested in a Zoo-to-You Outreach Program can receive a discount by showing proof their non-profit status. Cost: 0-20 miles = $80; 21-40 miles = $100; 41-60 miles = $140; Additional programs = $40 each

Wild Animal Therapy Outreach Programs

Nursing, group, or assisted living homes can choose from two Zoo-to-You Outreach Program styles.

  • 30-minute Group Program: Residents can gather in a central room where a Zoo Educator will introduce them to 2 animals. After the animal is introduced, the Educator will travel around the room allowing residents to meet and touch the animal. Cost: $50
  • 45-minute Group Program: Same as the 30-minute Group Program except the Zoo Educator will present 3 animals. Cost: $60
  • Please Note: Wild Animal Therapy Zoo-to-You Outreach Programs are available for facilities within 20 miles of Potawatomi Zoo. If your facility is outside of that 20-mile radius, you can schedule a Wild Animal Outreach Program.

Scheduling a Zoo-to-You Outreach Program

  • Call the Potawatomi Zoo Education Department at #574-235-7621 to check availability or reserve a program.
  • Outreach Programs may be scheduled up to 2 months in advance and must be scheduled with at least 2 weeks notice.
  • Programs may be scheduled to start any time from 9am to 4pm.

Billing Information

  • Zoo-to-You Outreach Programs are invoiced at the beginning of the month in which they are scheduled. You may choose if you prefer your Invoice to be sent by mail, fax, or email or hand delivered on the day of the program.
  • Program payment may be made on the day of the program or sent to the Zoo following the program. Payment terms: net 30 days.
  • The discounted rate for Additional Programs only applies to programs scheduled on the same date, same trip. If the time between programs exceeds the length of a program, an additional charge may also apply.
  • Please note that there is an additional $75 per program fee for weekend programs.

More Information

  • Zoo-to-You Outreach Programs are not petting zoos.
  • If you are looking for an informal display instead of a formal presentation, please contact the Zoo’s Education Department.

We may be able to accommodate these programs, but they will be scheduled within the same time and price parameters as a Zoo-to-You Outreach Program.

  • We will schedule Outreach Programs for outdoor locations, but the Zoo reserves the right to cancel the programs due to extremely high or low temperatures or inclement weather that poses a health risk to our animals. If you have an outdoor location, we recommend that you also have an indoor option.
  • The Potawatomi Zoo cannot schedule Outreach Programs at private homes or locations where other animals or pets will be present.
  • Potawatomi Zoo reserves the right to discontinue any Outreach Program in which the safety of the animals, audience, or zoo staff is in question.